Cephas Williams, founder of @TheBlackBritishNetwork @56BlackMen and #LetterToZion has launched a new campaign entitled: ‘9:29’ that reimagines the approach to demonstration through the power of digital media.
With the ‘9:29’ campaign Cephas wants to harness the implications of George Floyd’s death to emulate 2020’s Black Renaissance and thereby establish a new precedent for the power of digital media in bringing us together to achieve a single goal.
Cephas is calling everyone to repost their BLM images from last year to ensure the demand for justice and equality does just become a moment in time. Repost your images now with the hashtags: #TheDigitalDemonstration and #929 and see your images displayed on billboards across the country.
The ‘9:29’ campaign will send a loud message to the world, ‘we will not forget’ and ‘we will not be forgotten’.
Produced by @weareblackskull
Directed by @rosstn
Edited by @tommarsh411
DOP: @jamesnealdop
Drones: @heliteleltd
Photography: @panoptistry
Cameras + Lighting: @hotcamtv
Production Assistant: @jensentilley